Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Power of collaborative learning 

Often as a teacher in the business studies area, I have realized that collaborative teaching works very well. But today being a student myself at the Chiangmai WSL workshop brought out the power of co constructing knowledge in such an emphatic manner.

 It was amazing to see the talented participants at the Chiangmai WSL workshop and how they all worked together to bring our dynamic role-plays and presentations. Perhaps it was the high level of motivation and the limited time available to do a task that kept everyone focused towards the goal.

 Discussions around diversity in learners and especially cultural differences were quite inspiring. The do’s and don’ts of cultural norms gallery walk activity was just a good reminder that we are all so different from each other as learners perhaps because of our own cultural experiences in life. Just doing the short activity of identify the various styles of learners within the participants made me realize that those with whom I was collaborating across the day had different learning styles than me. While I was a concrete learner who preferred sequential learning there were so many who were abstract learners and who didn’t care about logical order at all!

Even though everyone may have different styles of learning and come from different cultural backgrounds, if they are motivated and engaged there is room for everyone to learn.

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