Friday, 3 April 2015

Approaches to Learning and Teaching in the Diploma programme

I am writing in this blog after a long time. I know that I like writing down my thoughts, but habits have to be culitivated, including the habit of writing. Couple of years ago, I used to think that habits, hobbies and interests require time for the creative juices to flow but now that I am growing older year by year, I realize that time helps but it is willingness and making time for your interests that matter.

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 I am excited now about learning as I am part of an online workshop regarding 'Approaches to Learning and Teaching' in the Diploma programme. The experiences of co- teachers in the online workshop is stimulating and I realise that we often talk of co-construction of knowledge for students, but don't often rely upon it for teachers. Teachers too need the stimulation of co-constructing of knowledge in their subject, teaching techniques, use of technology in teaching and an opportunity to share best practices.

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